Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Melvin, The Big Metal Chicken

Melvin has been well accepted at camp. This was his first spot in camp.

Now he has been moved to a perch in the garden area below the dining hall so that he can keep a watchful eye over the camp. He is very happy in his new location. 

Today, I saw three more metal chicken. How many have you seen? 

Melvin was a great reminder about perspective today. I tried to make a "quick" trip to town during rest period . . . I should of known. As I was leaving Sonic, another car and I were bother reversing at the same time. I stopped and she did not. Of course I was in Jeannie's car.

A few scratches and a minor dent. I was a little upset but then thought "remember the big metal chicken," and the bright side of it all is that at least it wasn't my fault! 

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